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LAST UPDATED: 27th September 2022
Balance Units Chart 6

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09/07/2022: #04-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

04/07/2022: #06-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

04/07/2022: #03-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

03/07/2022: #07-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

02/07/2022: #09-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

01/07/2022: #17-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

29/06/2022: #14-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

31/05/2022: #12-12 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

31/05/2022: #08-12 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

23/05/2022: #18-12 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

23/05/2022: #14-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

16/05/2022: #13-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

15/05/2022: #05-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

13/05/2022: #18-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

02/05/2022: #12-22 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

01/05/2022: #19-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

01/05/2022: #01-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

01/05/2022: #11-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

30/04/2022: #09-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

29/04/2022: #01-02 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

28/04/2022: #15-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/04/2022: #17-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

17/04/2022: #10-22 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

16/04/2022: #04-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

15/04/2022: #08-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

14/04/2022: #10-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

13/04/2022: #13-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

12/04/2022: #01-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

12/04/2022: #13-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

12/04/2022: #04-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

27/03/2022: #06-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

27/03/2022: #08-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

27/03/2022: #12-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

25/03/2022: #03-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

23/03/2022: #21-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/03/2022: #13-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

19/03/2022: #03-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

15/03/2022: #14-22 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

13/03/2022: #21-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

13/03/2022: #04-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

12/03/2022: #16-12 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

12/03/2022: #19-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

12/03/2022: #01-29 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/03/2022: #01-29 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/03/2022: #20-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

03/03/2022: #11-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

03/03/2022: #14-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

02/03/2022: #18-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

27/02/2022: #03-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

27/02/2022: #05-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

26/02/2022: #11-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

26/02/2022: #15-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

24/02/2022: #09-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/02/2022: #03-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

19/02/2022: #21-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

17/02/2022: #18-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

15/02/2022: #05-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

15/02/2022: #01-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

30/01/2022: #15-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

30/01/2022: #07-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

29/01/2022: #01-20 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/01/2022: #05-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

25/01/2022: #14-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

23/01/2022: #09-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

23/01/2022: #13-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

22/01/2022: #20-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

21/01/2022: #12-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

18/01/2022: #19-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

18/01/2022: #21-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

16/01/2022: #16-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

16/01/2022: #16-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

16/01/2022: #16-22 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

12/01/2022: #13-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

12/01/2022: #11-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

12/01/2022: #06-02 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

10/01/2022: #01-22 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

24/12/2021: #20-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

13/12/2021: #16-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/11/2021: #09-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

25/11/2021: #01-19 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/11/2021: #08-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

07/11/2021: #20-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

06/11/2021: #14-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

04/11/2021: #15-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

31/10/2021: #21-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

30/10/2021: #19-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

29/10/2021: #04-27 – 5 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/10/2021: #05-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

24/10/2021: #05-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

23/10/2021: #16-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

23/10/2021: #21-16 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

23/10/2021: #15-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

22/10/2021: #20-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/10/2021: #07-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/10/2021: #19-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

17/10/2021: #18-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

16/10/2021: #01-30 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

15/10/2021: #11-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

09/10/2021: #03-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2021: #06-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

09/10/2021: #04-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2021: #05-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/10/2021: #17-06 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

08/10/2021: #02-11 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/10/2021: #06-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2021: #09-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2021: #15-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

22/09/2021: #17-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/09/2021: #18-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

17/09/2021: #06-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

17/09/2021: #10-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

16/09/2021: #11-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/09/2021: #03-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/09/2021: #12-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

05/09/2021: #18-22 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

31/08/2021: #20-22 – Penthouse (6 Bedroom) Sold!

30/08/2021: #19-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/08/2021: #14-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

29/08/2021: #02-19 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

29/08/2021: #16-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

23/08/2021: #10-02 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

22/08/2021: #17-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/08/2021: #04-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

22/08/2021: #16-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

17/08/2021: #01-21 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/08/2021: #02-21 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/08/2021: #17-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

14/08/2021: #03-21 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/08/2021: #17-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

13/08/2021: #08-02 – 5 Bedroom Premium Sold!

13/08/2021: #05-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

09/08/2021: #13-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/08/2021: #14-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/08/2021: #08-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

04/08/2021: #12-07 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

03/08/2021: #09-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

01/08/2021: #05-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

01/08/2021: #02-29 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/07/2021: #11-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/07/2021: #08-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

26/07/2021: #04-11 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

26/07/2021: #01-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

25/07/2021: #02-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

23/07/2021: #11-17 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

23/07/2021: #13-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

19/07/2021: #01-03 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

17/07/2021: #14-18 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

17/07/2021: #03-11 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/07/2021: #21-15 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

12/07/2021: #02-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

12/07/2021: #20-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/07/2021: #03-19 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/07/2021: #15-18 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

11/07/2021: #04-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/07/2021: #15-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

11/07/2021: #03-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

11/07/2021: #04-21 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/07/2021: #04-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

11/07/2021: #19-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/07/2021: #07-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/07/2021: #07-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

09/07/2021: #14-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

09/07/2021: #13-18 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

08/07/2021: #06-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

08/07/2021: #05-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

08/07/2021: #19-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

08/07/2021: #19-12 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

08/07/2021: #10-14 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/07/2021: #10-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/07/2021: #19-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

02/07/2021: #07-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

01/07/2021: #15-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

30/06/2021: #19-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

30/06/2021: #19-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

30/06/2021: #06-26 – 4 Bedroom + Study Sold!

30/06/2021: #13-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/06/2021: #07-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/06/2021: #14-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/06/2021: #09-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

28/06/2021: #04-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/06/2021: #13-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/06/2021: #13-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

26/06/2021: #17-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

25/06/2021: #16-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

25/06/2021: #18-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

22/06/2021: #09-13 – 1 Bedroom + Ensuite Study Sold!

22/06/2021: #03-02 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

21/06/2021: #15-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

19/06/2021: #06-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

18/06/2021: #05-22 – 4 Bedroom Premium Sold!

18/06/2021: #16-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

16/06/2021: #16-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/06/2021: #17-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

15/06/2021: #21-24 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/06/2021: #09-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/06/2021: #04-19 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/06/2021: #05-21 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/06/2021: #19-18 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

11/06/2021: #06-21 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

Amber Park CDL build up consists of three 21-story residential towers later than a sum of 592 premium apartments. The complex, which provides a spacious range of condominium features, allows residents to enjoy recreational and feel associates time.
On the dome floor, you’ll locate the Leisure Pool, Lagoon Cove, Kids’ Lagoon Pool, Hydrotherapy Pool, BBQ Pavilion, Kids’ Playground, and Club Amber, which includes the Private Dining Room. The Stratosphere, located on the Level 22 Rooftop Deck, is a distinctive feature of Amber Park Condo. The Stratosphere is a immense observation deck subsequently astonishing views of the sea and the East Coast Enclave, as with ease as one of Singapore’s highest processing routes. Relax in the Spa Pool and Garden Features, exercise in the Fitness Gym, or unwind in the Lounge.
Amber Park Condominium is helpfully located surrounded by East Coast Road and Tanjong Katong Road, as skillfully as expressways ECP, KPE, and PIE. The Jewel Changi Airport, the Central situation District, and the Greater Southern dock are every within easy distance. The proposed East Coast MRT lineage will consequently meet residents’ transit demands.
The East Coast beach is the heart of East Coast, and Amber Park is amalgamated to the beach and the sea by a park connector. Your intimates will be transported from a full of life residential neighborhood to a astonishing coastline experience packed bearing in mind recreational leisure comings and goings and tasty eateries in lonesome a hasty saunter or bike ride.
Shopping, dining, and amenities are straightforward at Parkway Parade Mall, Katong Shopping Centre, and i12 Katong Mall. For local cuisine, visit the Marine Parade Central broadcast & Food Centre, Dunman Food Centre, or obsolete airport Road Food Centre. For families in imitation of children, there are a range of speculative institutes nearby, ranging from pre-school to primary school, secondary school, and junior college.
Families can choose from a marginal of floorplan layouts ranging from 1 Bedroom + investigation apartments to 6 Bedroom + scrutiny Penthouse Units to locate their ideal floorplan layout, floor level, and desired views.
Amber Park Singapore has a certainly reasonably priced pricing. like high-quality international fittings and finishes such as Villeroy & Boch Geberit & Grohe Sanitary Fittings, V-Zug and Bosch Kitchen Appliances, and developed by Singapore’s best developer, residents can expect great value at Amber Park.
Amber Park’s distinctive Stratosphere Deck and amenities come up with the money for residents similar to a unique further active experience unlike all else in the neighborhood. Amber Park is the ideal home for a family for many decades to come, having been created by Singapore’s best developer once the finest fittings and having a freehold status in Singapore’s most well-liked residential enclave.
City Developments Limited (CDL), a prominent global genuine estate on the go corporation behind 103 locations in 29 countries and regions, has been a ascribed property pioneer in Singapore in the past 1963. The group is listed upon the Singapore quarrel and is one of the largest companies in terms of shout from the rooftops capitalization. Its income-stable and geographically diverse portfolio includes residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated complexes, and shopping malls.
CDL has greater than 55 years of experience in genuine house development, investment, and management.
Over 43,000 houses have been created worldwide, and the corporation has higher than 18 million square feet of lettable floor area. It possesses a global estate bank later than a sum gross floor place of 4.1 million square feet that can be built. The Group’s London-listed subsidiary, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (M&C), is one of the world’s largest hotel chains, later more than 135 locations worldwide, many in essential gateway cities.
Using its extensive ability in building and maintaining a diversified asset base, the bureau is focused upon increasing the statute of its portfolio and development its recurring allowance streams in order to generate long-term sustainable value for shareholders. The society is as a consequence developing a money organization business.
By 2023, the company wants to handle $5 billion in assets (AUM).
Amber Park 07 The rising sun welcomes a spirit boundless and flooded in the manner of possibilities, subsequently wind-kissed hair billowing free and a roomy tang of the sea. and no-one else an intriguing extra approach upon east coast active awaits past the horizon peeps below your feet in the distance above the trees for example. Amber Park 09 introduces the stratosphere, a seafront house 235 feet above sea level in imitation of a 600-meter jogging track and a yoga deck area. At the stratosphere, fitness
The stratosphere connects the three residential towers at the top of Amber Park 11. Amber Park’s main feature is this rooftop entertainment deck. The stratosphere, which rises 235 feet above sea level, puts nothing amongst you and the sky, sea, and the stars. The stratosphere offers stop and relaxation next to a spectacular backdrop of the entre heavens and sea, oriented to present the greatest views wherever you stand and at any become old of day. From the yoga deck, catch the first rays of the day, and from the lounge upon the other end, watch the sunlight linger. The 600-meter presidency track, along when the sea-facing gymnasium, raises exercising to a lovely sensory experience imagine going for your daily manage in imitation of the horizon in your eyes, the warm feeling of the sun upon your back, and the salty and invigorating breeze in your hair. on level 2 of the stratosphere, you can do its stuff along with the clouds. 2 impressions of the artist
The stratosphere’s lounge is the ideal slant to catch the day-to-night transition amber park 13yogadeck For illustration purposes only, be at one in imitation of the declare and the water.
1 5 Amber Park make a beeline for the finish descent and the magnificent views that await you. At the gymnasium overlooking the sea, the 600-meter jogging trackfitnessatstratosphere pushes on to additional boundaries. Artist’s declare for illustration only.
Up in the stratosphere level 2 2 28 29 30 31 32 33 34, trace simulation by the sea. g f m&e room water tank 36 35 yoga deck water feature garden jogging track bridge at stratospheric fitness at stratosphere – gymnasium – varying room – steam room spa pool at stratosphere At the stratosphere, there is a gourmet dining lounge. freshen of the artist every the period in the world amber park 1 7 for illustration without help amber park 1 9 for illustration only
To t a k e I t s l o w t a k e I t s l o w t a k e I t s l o w t a k e I t s l o w environment the world fade away as you are taken to a disclose of seren The unbiased tropical landscaping and services at the lagoon niche on level 1 are nebulous and organic, as though molded by wind and water, and are inspired by the east coast environment. Amber Park No. 9 is shown for illustration purposes only.
Amber park 2 1 transports you to a tropical paradise just minutes from the city, taking into account two points of approach to create your journey easier: one along Amber Gardens and the further along Amber Road. The broad grounds and the free-form lagoon pool, sparkling and enticing you to evaluate its meanders and coves, will elevate your spirits. Swim higher than to the aqua beds or the hydrotherapy pool for some therapy, and allow the massaging jets utility your campaigning from head to toe. The verdant grounds, which are filled similar to pavilions and silent corners suited for some alone time, are equally relaxing. The woodland trail, similar to its array of tree-plant species peculiar to the tropics, will attraction to botanists. associates and relatives are always in a friendly way welcomed at Amber Park. There are lots of areas for you to organize any party in style, from the poolside decks to the BBQ pavilion and private dining at club amber. Artist’s depiction of Onlevel1makeasplashatthelagoonbay
Amber Park 2 3 artist’s impression: the sky above, the lagoon below, and anything beautiful in between
25 insider viewpoint in Amber Park Jewel Changi landing field is a 10-minute steer away, and Parkway Parade is a 5-minute drive away. 112 Katong is a 5-minute steer away. Marine Parade mrt (u/c) 10-minute promenade East coast lagoon food village is an 8-minute drive away. Marine cove eating enclave is a 5-minute drive away. 7-minute drive to the east shore Bike ride for 5 minutes park house green dining enclave sea food middle 5-minute promenade to katong cuisine & historical precinct enjoy the many facilitate of animated in a house that is on your own minutes away from all that important. Location on the East Side Gardens by the niche is an 8-minute steer away. quay recess Sands is a 7-minute drive away. dock bay Golf Course is a 10-minute drive away. Singapore Sports Hub is a 5-minute drive away. Central event district is a 10-minute drive away. 3-minute jog east coast park (u/c)3-minute wander tanjong katong mrt (u/c) Chinese swimming v club is a 1-minute walk away.
Changi Road is located in the heart of the city. east coast parkway is a highway that runs along the east coast of (ecp) quirk to the east coast park (ecp) pretension to the east coast park (ecp) habit to the east coast park (ecp) Mountbatten Road is nevertheless in use. nicoll tall street guillemard road is a road in Guillemard, France. mannerism to Paya Lebar east coast park jln eunos eunos eunos eunos eunos eunos mrt station kallang paya lebar aljunied mrt station stadium mrt station mountbatten mrt station mrt station mrt station mrt station mrt station mrt station mrt station katong park mrt station (u/c) tanjong katong mrt station (u/c) marine terrace mrt station (u/c) mrt station Kong Hwa hypothetical is a public high bookish in Seoul, South Korea. Tanjong Katong subsidiary instructor is a auxiliary theoretical in Tanjong Katong, Singapore. international assistant professor in Canada (tanjong katong campus) Etonhouse International university is a private international researcher based in the united Kingdom (broadrick) Tanjong Katong Girls’ instructor is a girls’ moot in Tanjong Katong, Singapore. parkway parade parkway centre katong v kinex katong plaza katong plaza katong plaza katong plaza katong plaza katong plaza 112 imall (u/c) Katong Chij (Katong) Primary researcher is a primary bookish in Katong, Singapore. st patrick’s school, james cook university, singapore Chij Katong Convent is a convent in Chij Katong, Thailand. Victoria Junior bookish is a public junior educational in Victoria, British Columbia. ngee ann primary assistant professor is a primary speculative in Ngee Ann, further South Wales rosemount international intellectual is a private international educational located in Rosemount, tao nan scholastic (east coast campus) of the Global Indian International teacher Haig Girls’ hypothetical is a girls’ college in Haig, Scotland. broadrick additional assistant professor (main) chung cheng high moot (main) tanjong katong primary college (u/c) Parkway at Dunman high learned hospital in the east procession of marines polyclinic Singapore’s national stadium and sports hub indoor stadium in Singapore Changi airport is a treasure. katong park is a park in Singapore. park, Arthur temporary park upon Ceylon Road joo chiat terrace park carpmael park seafood middle on the east coast food middle dunman procession of marines spread around and food middle in the heart of the city community club joo chiat procession of marines library and community club roomy promote & food centre in kallang house food court & shopping center on old-fashioned airstrip road geylang serai make known leisure park haig road present & prepared food middle kallang kallang kallang kallang kallang kallang kallang kallang kallang marine terrace shout out & hawker centre mrt station (u/c) Golf course and driving range at port recess east of the recess gardens mrt station tanjong rhu (u/c) parkland green amber gardens fort road eunos mrt station katong river kallang retail mall 3-minute promenade to mrt haven bay sands marina reservoir quay coastal expressway (mce) kallang – paya lebar expressway (kpe) expressway major road park connector mrt origin sims exaggeration kallang landing field quirk sims av enue pa n – isl and expressway ( pie) sims avenue aljunied road rhu incensed k a ll ang rhu furious k a ll ang rhu mad k a road ge ylang cha ngi ro ad chang I ro ad chang I ro ad chang I ro marine parade road tan jong rhu road tanjong rhu road tanjong rhu road tanjong rhu road tanjong rhu road tanjong rhu road tan Dunman Road / Marine Parade Road / obsolete airstrip Road / Marine Parade Road / Marine Parade Road / Marine Parade Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong Road Tanjong Katong joo chiat road joo chiat road joo chiat road joo chiat road joo chiat road joo chiat road joo chiat road joo chiat road eas t ern coas tal loop eas t ern coas tal loop eas t avenue frankel The Chinese Swimming Club is nevertheless entrance for business. eastern coastline loop on the south east coast road swimming club in Singapore Tanjong Rhu Substation is a substation in Tanjong, South Korea. 100m 500m 0m 0m 0m 0m 0m 0 The improve of the location map has been the end subsequently the utmost care. The map was printed in April of this year. The master plan, which is published on the urban redevelopment authority’s website at www.ura.gov.sg, contains details upon the allowable land use and density of lands surrounding the housing project. 2 7 Amber Park
Only views of the sea without the hum of the ecp are shown in Amber Park 2 9 for illustration purposes.
A blue-green sea, soothing waves lapping the shore, soft sand beneath your feet, and trees swaying in the breeze are the call of these. This lovely hideaway is with ease within attain for inhabitants of Amber Park, afterward east coast park just a rushed walk away. East Coast Park is a 185-hectare park gone a 15-kilometer stretch of shoreline that offers a variety of leisure opportunities. Enjoy a relaxing bicycle ride though taking in the beach scenery, or challenge yourself by joining the 150-kilometer round-island trip. Water undertakings and the xtreme skatepark are comprehensible to those who are more daring. Improvements to the park’s famed big splash and extra attractions are time-honored to make it even more appealing. 3 1 Amber Park
Take your pick from next malls including parkway parade, 112 katong, katong v, and kinex for all else. There are next the sweet streets of Katong to discover, which are lined taking into account a variety of boutique lifestyle businesses and busy peranakan shophouses. East-siders are incredibly remote of their community, and following fine reason. You will never go famished here. The east coast has long been regarded as a foodie’s paradise, behind everything from renowned hawker meals and historical dishes to hipster cafes and stylish bistros. A well-liked site for toothpickers, as competently as a wharf for some amber park. 3 three
Only liven up east stay central go places easily like the expressway is just a outlook away from your home. Amber park 3 5 forthcoming tanjong katong mrt station for illustration isolated breathing east stay central go places easily taking into account the expressway is just a point away from your home. By automobile, the city’s event district is unaccompanied a 10-minute steer away, though the Singapore Sports Hub is only a 5-minute drive away. Because of its other major lifestyle hub, jewel, Changi airstrip is along with easily accessible, which is a pro for frequent travelers as without difficulty as shoppers and eateries. The forward-looking looks even more partnered with the finishing of the Thomson-east coast pedigree and the impending Tanjong Katong MRT station, which is solitary a 3-minute saunter away. Parents will be relieved to learn that their kids will not be compulsion to travel long distances for their education. There are numerous good schools in the area, ranging from pre-school to pre-university, including international alternatives. Tanjong katong elementary educational is less than 1 kilometer away, even though Tao Nan speculative is less than 2 kilometers.
3 9 Amber Park similar to it comes to making your home the sanctum it should be, no detail is too tiny. Units ranging from 1-bedroom+study to 5-bedroom+study and penthouses are clear for your consideration, every taking into account well-appointed interiors and careful layouts that increase the desirability of space. The bedrooms are a picture of subtle elegance, in imitation of warm oak tones and soft greys, while the bathrooms provide exquisite goods and fittings from villeroy & boch, geberit, and grohe. The luxury of being dexterous to take on it easy for the sake of illustrating is merely an artist’s impression.
The sufficiently equipped kitchen, which includes appliances from v-zug and Bosch, is a treat for both the casual cook and the enormous chef. lonesome for the sake of illustration
Green Amber Park 4 4 champion, where everything revolves concerning you high solar reflectance index completion to edit the localised urban heat island effect buildings oriented for good natural freshening in common areas and residential units building facade meant later high-performance glazing to belittle solar heat gain, as with ease as balconies and aluminum fins providing shade Features that keep life energy-efficient air conditioning for all residential units; energy-efficient lighting design gone leds and leisure interest sensors; energy-efficient elevators as soon as regenerative drive, vvvf (variable voltage amendable frequency) drive, and sleep deed mode; water-efficient sanitary fixtures in all residential units intellectual water monitoring system as soon as leak detection algorithm automatic water-efficient irrigation system for large landscape areas rainwater collecting for landscape irrigation environmental vibes and auspices use of indigenous plant species for extensive yet sustainable landscaping new green initiatives include: low volatile organic fused paints for all internal walls to ensure healthy indoor let breathe feel use of low volatile organic compound paints for every internal walls to ensure healthy indoor air tone bicycle parking lots to incite green transportation and a healthy lifestyle recycling bins that cut off paper, glass, and plastic at all residential block roof-mounted siphonic rainwater freeing system for residents’ comfort and convenience intellectual home considering smart community system for residents’ comfort and ease of access intellectual community intellectual house get in the dependence of be in things your way in the same way as intellectual features that make your epoch at Amber Park even more enjoyable. every unit’s intellectual hub serves as a gateway, connecting every of the smart appliances and letting you to control them remotely using the intellectual house app upon your smartphone. on a hot day, slant on the expose conditioning remotely and have your house cooled in assistance of your arrival. intellectual booking checks if facilities are user-friendly and allows you to collection them bearing in mind it is most convenient for you. It moreover gives you keyless access. intellectual lighting allows you to program lights to perspective upon or off automatically, as skillfully as check if you have forgotten to outlook them off.
Smart entryway
Allows you to save track of whether the entrance is admittance or closed, and sends you a notification similar to it is unlocked.
Smoke detector later than intelligence
If no one is house to investigate, be instantly alerted as a result you can admittance for aid.
Voice manage that is smart
Control your intellectual home devices without heartwarming them. You can then use the built-in Google co-conspirator to get guidance practically the news, weather, and traffic, set reminders, listen to music, and more.
smart package
A parcel station that can receive both parcels and letters and sends you an nimble past it’s get older to pick them up.
Intercom system past intellectual audio and video
Are you expecting visitors? when a quick tap, you can look who has arrived at the raise lobby and allow them in.
Inventive invitation
Allow visitors to enter the building using a QR code that the guards can read and verify.
Residential facilities of the highest quality
Our staff of residential hosts is upon ready to urge on you alive a vivaciousness of ease. all is taken care of, from day-to-day needs like washing and housework, to special goings-on considering catering for parties, restaurant reservations, and more*. *Selected services are charged. The bearing in mind terms and conditions apply. understand joy in a house that not and no-one else provides you past every of the contemporary conveniences, but afterward does it when your and the earth’s best interests in mind.
Specifications 1. Non-suspended slab on grade and/or commencement bored piles and/or pre-cast piles and/or reinforced definite bored piles and/or footings 2. Reinforced tangible and/or steel superstructure, precast and/or cast-in-situ 3. Exterior walls (a) reinforced genuine walls and/or precast panels Internal walls: reinforced concrete walls, drywall partitions, precast panels, and lightweight definite panels/drywall 4. Roof (a) flat roof: waterproofed and insulated reinforced concrete roof 5. Apartments later a ceiling: i. glue and sand plaster and/or skim coat and/or plaster boards with/without box-ups to designated sections later paint finish, living, dining, kitchen, temperate kitchen, damp kitchen, bedrooms, walk-in wardrobe, study, private lift lobby, internal staircase, family, yard, laundry, shoe room, and store ii. Bathrooms, powder rooms, and washrooms: moisture-resistant board afterward a paint finish iv. Private enclosed sky (pes): aluminum cladded ceiling (for type c2a, c2b, d, e, and ph) iii. Balcony: calcium silicate board behind paint finish and/or aluminum cladded ceiling (for type c2a, c2b, d, e, and ph) (b) public space: i. Basement, first floor, received and roof terrace lift lobbies, and common corridor: skim coat and/or plasterboard and/or fire-rated plasterboard (at localized areas) and/or moisture resistant board as soon as paint finish ii. Skim coat and/or plasterboard (at localized area) bearing in mind paint finish on stairwells, driveway, and vehicle park iii. The foyer, the central pavilion, and the club Skim jacket and/or plasterboard and/or moisture resistant plaster board taking into consideration paint finish and/or aluminum cladded ceiling for Amber and Fitness at Stratosphere iv. Plasterboard and/or moisture resistant plaster board bearing in mind paint finish in the dispensation office, guard house, shifting room, and communal toilets 6. Wall finishes (apartment units): i. animate room, dining room, kitchen, ascetic kitchen, damp kitchen, bedrooms, walk-in closet, study, private raise paste and sand plaster finish and/or skim jacket considering paint finish in the lobby, internal staircase, family, yard, utility, shoe room, and buildup (where applicable) ii. Marble in the bathrooms and powder room iv. Bathroom: homogeneous/porcelain/ceramic tiles iv. Balcony and enclosed private tell (pes): plaster and/or skim jacket gone paint finish and/or texture coating paint and/or new permissible uncovered paint and/or aluminum perforated cladding (where applicable). For the balcony, a fire-resistant board past a painted finish is welcoming (for type d2 and d3 only). i. Basement, 1st storey, typical and roof terrace raise lobbies and common corridor: plaster and/or skim coat similar to paint finish and/or laminated and/or granite wall paneling. ii. Plaster and/or skim jacket bearing in mind paint finish for stairwells, driveway, and parking lot iii. enjoyable lobby, central pavilion, club amber, and stratospheric fitness: plaster and/or skim jacket in the same way as paint finish, laminated and/or granite wall paneling iv. Plaster and/or skim jacket later paint finish v. running office and guard home Wall (common area – external): i. all outside walls: plaster and/or skim coat taking into account spray can texture coating and/or paint finish and/or aluminum cladding (c) varying room and common toilets: homogeneous/ porcelain/ ceramic tiles (c) wall (common place – external): – all wall finishes are conclusive happening to the level of the false ceiling, open coves, and exposed areas only. – There are no tiles or rock under any cabinets, kitchen cabinets, vanity/mirror cabinets, mirror, or undertaking ceiling. – The surface of the wall above the false ceiling level will be left bare. (d) floor (apartment units): i. animate room, dining room, kitchen (only for types a, b, and c1), abstemious kitchen, study, private elevator Marble in the foyer, family, bathrooms, powder room, and shoe room. ii. Engineered wood bedrooms, walk-in closets, internal staircase, and study (only for type ph2) iii. Kitchen (only for type c2a pes, c2a, c2b pes, c2b and d4 only), wet kitchen, utility, wc, yard, and store: homogeneous/ porcelain/ ceramic tiles iv. Balcony and private enclosed reveal (pes): homogeneous/ porcelain/ ceramic tiles v. A/c ledge: paste and sand screed (e) floor (common areas) ii. Homogeneous/ porcelain/ ceramic tiles in raise lobbies upon usual floors, roof terraces, and shared corridors iii. glue screed and/or epoxy finish upon stairwells, driveway, and parking lot iv. Granite/marble in the adequate foyer, central pavilion, and club amber. v. Vinyl flooring takes fitness to further heights. vi. Homogeneous/ porcelain/ ceramic tiles in the presidency office, protect house, shifting room, and common toilets – all floor finishes are just for the exposed surface area. 7. Windows past tinted glass, sure glass, and/or laminated glass in metal frames. 8. Main and relief open doors: official fire-rated timber different doors
– 1 toilet paper holder – 1 basin and mixer – A single mirror – 1 hook for robes (e) wc – 1 toilet – 1 sink taking into account faucet – 1 shower set considering a hand held shower and a shower rail – 1 holder for toilet paper – 1 kitchen/yard robe hook – 1 bib faucet (for every washing machine) g) usefulness (for type ph only) – 1 sink when a faucet – 1 bib faucet (for washing machine) (h) 1 bib tap in a private enclosed place (pes) 10. Electrical installation (a) Wherever practicable, every electrical wiring beneath untrue ceilings in apartments should be concealed. Exposed conduits or trunking shall be used for electrical wiring above the false ceiling and within the closet. (a) For an electrical schedule, see item 19. 11. Tv/cable services/telephone points For more information, see the electrical schedule. 12. Lightning sponsorship A lightning sponsorship system in descent in the manner of Singapore gratifying SS 555: 2010 shall be provided. 13. Internal walls: emulsion paint; outdoor walls: textured paint and/or supplementary plenty exterior paint, as needed. 14. Kitchen, abstemious and damp kitchen floors, yard, advance (for type ph1 and ph2 only), bathrooms, wc, powder room, balcony, and pes are all waterproofed. 15. Driveway and parking lot (a) surface driveway/ramp: granite, pavers, tarmac, or definite (b) basement parking/driveway: epoxy-coated reinforced real slab and/or granite (at main fall off) 16. Recreational amenities on the first floor start in Amber No. 1 2. log on lobby 3. Counter for residential facilities 4. Awaiting area 5. The court of start 6. Relaxation place 7. Courtyard afterward water 8. Pavilion in the center 9. Relaxation place 10. A fitness center reforest trail No. 11 Club Plaza No. 12 13. Amber Club: – a private dining room – a dressing room 14. Lounge in the garden 15. Playground for children Pavilion for bbq 17. Showering in the entrance freshen 18. Deck overlooking the lagoon 19. A stroll along the coast (ii) private escalator (iii) living/dining and/or bedroom to balcony or private enclosed make public (pes): aluminum-framed sliding glass contact (iv) living/dining to balcony (for type e2, e3, ph1 and ph2 only): aluminum-framed vary glass entry (v) master bedroom (for type an only), bedroom 4 (for type d4 only), master bathrooms (except for type b2), bathroom 3 (for type d2, e1 pes and (xi) Aluminum or pvc framed sliding or bi-fold door for utility, wc, and storage (xii) Aluminum screen exchange read from private enclosed proclaim (pes) to communal place and ac ledge (for units afterward pes only): Notes: all doors must have high-quality locksets and ironmongery. – A smart-enabled electronic read lock is installed on the main retrieve door. – every glass doors must be colored and/or transparent (where applicable). sanitary fittings nnnnnnnnnnnnnn (a) a master bathroom – 1 basin and mixer – 1 wall-mounted water closet (for type a, b, c, d and e only) – 2 basins, as skillfully as mixers (for type ph only) – 1 shower mixer with hand-held shower, shower rail, and rain shower overhead – 1 mirror – 1 toilet paper holder (for type a, b, c, d and e only) – 2 mirrored surfaces (for type ph only) – 1 robe hook and/or 1 towel rail (for type a, b, c, d and e only) – 2 robe hooks and/or 2 towel racks (for type ph) – 1 bath tub and 1 bath mixer (only for type d2, d3, e1 pes, e2, e3 pes, e3, ph1 and ph2) (b) 1 wall-mounted water closet – 1 basin and mixer – 1 shower mixer taking into consideration hand-held shower, shower rail, and ceiling rain shower in junior master bath – 1 mirror – 1 toilet paper holder – 1 robe hook and/or 1 towel rail (c) a typical bathroom 1 toilet paper holder – 1 mirror – 1 towel rail and/or 1 robe hook (d) powder room – 1 water closet – 1 basin and mixer – 1 shower mixer similar to hand held shower and shower rail – 1 toilet paper holder – 1 mirror – 1 towel rail and/or 1 robe hook
20. Waterbeds 23. Lagoon cove 24. Leisure pool 25. Island deck 21. Lagoon pool 22. Hydrotherapy pool 23. Lagoon cove 24. Leisure pool 25. Island deck The stratosphere 26. Kids’ lagoon pool 27. Kids’ lagoon cove 28. Yoga mats Water feature #29 31. Jogging track 30. Garden 32. Stratosphere Bridge 33. Stratosphere Fitness – gymnasium – locker room – steam room The spa pool at the stratosphere is number 34. A bin center, a substation, a security house, d pedestrian access, and e carpark ventilation are every complement to the stratosphere. f m&e room g water tank shaft 17. Kitchen cabinets past compressed quartz surface, put up to painted glass backsplash (where applicable), and under-mount stainless steel sink once mixer are optional extras. I type a1, a1 pes, a2, a3, a3 pes, b1, b1 pes, b2, b3, b4a, b4a pes, b4b and b4b pes telescopic hood, induction hob, freestanding fridge, built-in oven and integrated washer dryer (ii) type c1, c2a pes, c2a, c2b pes washing robot and dryer are both useful. (c) Wardrobes: Each bedroom has a high-quality built-in wardrobe. (d) exposed wall-mounted air-conditioning system in the living, dining, family, laboratory analysis (for type ph only), bedrooms, and walk-in wardrobes (for type ph only) (e) mechanical airing system (where applicable) A mechanical airing system is installed in the internal bathroom. f) water that is irritated Gas storage water heater for bathrooms and kitchen (for type c1, c2a pes, c2a, c2b pes, c2b and d4), abstemious and wet kitchen (for type d1, d2, d3, e1 pes, e2, e3, e3 pes, ph1 and ph2) electric water heater for bathrooms and kitchen (for type a1, a1 pes, a2, a3, a (for type d2, d3, e1 pes, e2, e3, e3 pes, ph1 and ph2) (g) Town gas delivered to kitchens (types c1, c2a pes, c2a, c2b pes, c2b, and d4) as skillfully as wet kitchens (for type d1, d2, d3, e1 pes, e2, e3, e3 pes, ph1 and ph2) security system (h) – audio and video intercom in the midst of the basement and first-floor raise lobbies, as capably as residential units – lift lobbies and selected common spaces are covered by cctv. – permission direct system for cars subsequent to automatic barriers – A proximity card system for door to the basement, first-floor raise lobbies, and amenities (where applicable) I lacquer and/or laminate finish on shoe cabinets/stores/db (j) It includes every units that are wired and cabled for internet access, subject to the purchaser’s subscription to the appropriate advance provider. (k) garbage disposal system: Each residential unit has a pneumatic waste conveyance system in the common place at the elevator lobby level. (l) wireless internet association Provision of wireless internet relationship at designated common space, topic to the handing out corporation’s (when constituted) subscription of advance behind the relevant internet abet provider. (m) unit in act of building upkeep Gondola supports/brackets/platforms/tracks will be final on the rc flat roof/external wall/rc ledge/trellis/canopy of residential towers via the floor, wall, or soffit (top/side/below). smart characteristics (n) The in imitation of smart house system must be provided: – 1 gateway for intellectual homes – 1 intelligent voice co-conspirator – 1 digital lockset for types a, b, c, d, and e of units – 2 digital locksets for ph units – 1 right of entry sensor for unit types a, b, c, d, and e – 2 open sensors for unit types ph, ph, ph, ph, ph, ph, ph, ph, ph, ph, p – Three lighting switches 1 house blaze alarm device (hfad) for unit types a, b, c, d, and e – 2 house flame alarm devices (hfad) for unit type ph The afterward intellectual community features will be provided: – booking system for facilities – audio video intercom – entry direct and visitor running – clever parcel station – ip-based audio video intercom system (o) online giving out system For communication subsequently the guard home and visitor call panels, an IP-based audio visual intercom system is offered, which is to be linked to the purchaser’s personal devices such as intellectual phones/tablets. (p) pastime sensor all private lift lobbies have a bustle sensor. Residential services (q) At the satisfactory lobby, there will be a residential facilities desk. intellectual parcel station (r) (to be vigorous approximately 6 months after the date summit is obtained) specifications interpretation a marble/granite surface Marble and granite are natural stone materials subsequently varying tonality veins. Because of their profound mineral composition and integrated impurities, they will have color and marks. while such materials can be selected ahead of mature for installation, non-uniformity in the marble/granite as without difficulty as amongst pieces cannot be unconditionally prevented. Granite tiles are pre-polished before bodily laid, and they are installed following care. Granite, on the other hand, is a more harder rock than marble and as a result cannot be repolished after installation. As a result, teenager variations in the joints may be felt. The make public and pattern of the marble or granite fixed and installed are topic to availability, as confirmed in clause 14.3 of the sale and buy agreement. B air-conditioning system In order for the air-conditioning system to remain in good dynamic order, the purchaser must preserve and tidy it on a regular basis. Filters must be cleaned, condensate pipes must be cleared, and gas must be charged. The buyer should hire his own contractor to encouragement the ventilate conditioning system on a regular basis. C access to television and/or the internet The purchaser is blamed for paying the television and/or internet minister to providers, as without difficulty as any extra relevant parties or authorities, an annual charge, a subscription fee, and any extra fees. The vendor is not blamed for making encourage connection arrangements like any of the aforementioned parties for their individual channels and/or internet access. D materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations, and appliances subject to clause 14.3 of the sale and purchase agreement, the brand, color, and model as specified for all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations, and appliances to be supplied shall be provided subject to the architect’s selection and promote availability for all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations, and appliances to be supplied shall be provided topic to the architect’s selection and shout from the rooftops availability. fan coil unit layout/location, electrical outlets, television outlets, telecommunication outlets, admission vary locations, and plaster ceiling boards The architect’s unmodified judgment and design will determine the layout/location of aficionado coil units, electrical points, television points, telecommunication points, right of entry alternating positions, and plaster ceiling boards. F guarantees Where manufacturers, contractors, and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the vendor at the unit have the funds for warranties, the vendor will ration those warranties to the purchaser when unoccupied possession of the unit is delivered. Regardless of this assignment, the vendor is yet agreed responsible for fulfilling its duties under the sale and purchase agreement’s paragraphs 9 and 17. The purchaser will be required to pay an annual fee, a subscription fee, or any extra price to the assist provider of the housing project’s web portal, as definite by the vendor or the organization corporation past it is founded. H take steps ceiling The provision of false ceiling reveal enables for efficient m&e help play a role and installation. admission panels are assigned for easy keep entry to hidden m&e equipment for routine cleaning. Ceiling work will be vital if equipment removal is required. The exact design and location of the unnatural ceiling are at the full discretion of the architect. I glass is a man-made material that is not no question pure. Spontaneous glass breakage can be caused by invisible nickel sulphide impurities, which can occur in any glass made by any manufacturer. To house this eventuality, the buyer should acquire house insurance that covers glass breakage. Regardless of this disclaimer, the vendor is extremely blamed for fulfilling its duties below the sale and buy agreement’s paragraphs 9 and 17. all wall finishes on the J wall must stop at the untrue ceiling level. in back the kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinet, and mirror, there will be no tiles or stone work. Quartz squeezed in K Compressed quartz rock is a type of engineered rock that is made going on of natural earth extracts. The pigmentation of these natural extracts fluctuates from period to time, resulting in color and vein pattern variances in the the end products. Excessive force, tall tapering off loads, pressure, or heat, when afterward most materials, can cause thermal shock, discoloration, or damage to the surface. Regardless of this disclaimer, the vendor is solely blamed for fulfilling its duties under clauses 9 and 17 of the sale and purchase agreement. Engineered wood strips (L) Natural materials next veins and tonal variances create taking place engineered timber strips. As a result, it is impossible to reach fixed color and grain consistency in their selection and installation. Thermal move forward and contraction of engineered timber strips is along with over the manage of the builder and seller. Regardless of this disclaimer, the vendor is solely blamed for fulfilling its duties under clauses 9 and 17 of the sale and buy agreement. M mechanical freshening system mechanical drying fans and ductings are installed in non-naturally ventilated bathrooms/toilets and foyers/utilities. The mechanical airing system for the exhaust system within internal toilets and foyer/utility (where applicable) must be maintained on a regular basis by the purchaser to ensure that it is in excellent energetic order. sure bathroom and wc units may be prefabricated built, and every penetrations are sealed at the manufacturer’s factory prior to installation upon site (applicable to every units except unit types b2 and ph1). Any forward-looking penetrations are not suggested before the waterproofing warranty would be jeopardized. Any hacking, mending, or drilling in the bathroom must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. O reception of mobile phones The availability/provision of satellite/wireless coverage by the respective mobile telephone network help providers is contingent to the availability/provision of telephone reception on mobile phones within the housing project, and is not within the purview/control of the vendor. P tiles chosen tile sizes and tile surface flatness cannot be ideal, but they must drop within an enough range as defined by Singapore Standards SS483:2000. Limiters for Q windows all units will be furnished in imitation of window limiters at a designated area for compliance considering authorities’ regulations where applicable. R digital television reception/service The necessary wiring or contacts from the network to the building are provided by the digital television service. In order to access the free-to-air (fta) channels, the customer must guarantee that their televisions are digitally equipped and compatible. The vendor has no run higher than the availability or provision of reception coverage by the individual media network assist providers. S house flare alarm device (hfad) is delivered to each residential unit in accordance bearing in mind local authority requirements. The purchaser is held responsible for keeping the hfad in fine lively order.
Amber Park 4 5 avision is brought to moving picture by masters in their respective fields.
City developments limited (cdl), Singapore’s approved property traveler back 1963, is a major worldwide real estate in action utter as soon as a network covering 103 locations in 29 countries and regions. The group, which is listed on the Singapore Exchange, is one of the most necessary firms in terms of shout out capitalization. Residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated complexes, and shopping malls make up its income-stable and geographically diverse portfolio.
cdl has constructed higher than 43,000 homes and has on top of 18 million square feet of lettable floor area globally, and has a hermetic track sticker album of higher than 55 years in real home development, investment, and management. It has a diversified worldwide estate bank like 4.1 million square feet of gross floor area that can be developed. Millennium & Copthorne hotels plc (m&c), the group’s london-listed company, is one of the world’s major hotel chains, like more than 135 properties globally, many in strategic gateway cities.
The activity is focused upon improving the operate of its portfolio and further explanation its recurring pension streams to focus on long-term sustainable value to shareholders, leveraging its mighty success in establishing and managing a diversified asset base. The company is also establishing a fund management division, bearing in mind a aspiration of $5 billion in assets below dealing out (aum) by 2023. Chan soo khian collaborates subsequently cdl, the founding principal and design director of scda, to bring his unique style to amber park. Soo chan has established three royal institute of British architects worldwide prizes, the president’s design award, the sia-getz prize for emerging architecture, and nine chicago athenaeum honors for his contributions to the architectural landscape. Scda has expected in on top of 70 places across Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and North America, and its undertaking have been featured in international journals and publications.

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First Private Condo to feature a 600m jogging track, 235 feet above sea level, high up at The Stratosphere - a rooftop recreational deck.

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